Friday, January 31, 2014


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A little about myself: I am a graduate student working on a master's degree in clinical exercise physiology. I am also an avid dancesport competitor (shout out to all my standard peeps!). While studying how the human body works and adapts to movement, I found that two of my biggest interests in life actually fit together quite nicely.
In this blog, I plan on covering topics that cover the intersection between dance and movement... a few planned topics include maximal aerobic fitness of dancers, neural control of moment, nutrition, how to best train fitness for competitions and so on.  Please note that I am still a student- before engaging in any new exercise program or diet change, consult with a physician, certified health adviser or nutritionist. Please also note that many of my posts will involve academic papers. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make these available to the general public, if you are associated with a university, the papers should be relatively easy to find (I'll post links to Pubmed/Google scholar). If you aren't associated with a university, please know that I will do my best to summarize what is going on so you don't have to pay for the article, however, know that it is an option if you are super interested in the material!

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